iPhone Test 2

OK, so last weekend I had a play with it again. After my first test session with the iPhone I was more pleased with this period. Looking at the phone critically the User Interface is not as easy to use as, say, Nokia’s even with the tired old Symbian S60 running it. For example, fat thumbed people with a thousand contacts will find it difficult to move through the contacts, rather than being able to just start typing the contact’s name and have the phone find them for you.

Having said that, the tactile nature of the iPhone encourages one to keep touching it and this is its strength. Because it is fun to use, you keep looking for things to use it for.

One problem I did have was that as I attempted to connect to the WiFi network at Thomo’s Hole, each time I tried to connect the iPhone caused the network to reset and reboot. I know it was the iPhone as I systematically tested everything else that accessed the network. Not sure why that happened.

Oh well, more playing next weekend – at the moment the SIM card is back in the trusty Nokia E71 as I am away on a business trip and need the extra uptime.

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