Macro and Cato – Causing Me Grief

In the brief periods of my train trips between home and the office (and return) I have been reading a mix of pulp and historical fiction. There is about 20 minutes reading time each way so a book generally gets me through a couple of weeks. This has caused me to wonder who is better – Jack West Jr or Dirk Pitt (money is on West being tougher but Pitt being better with the femme fatales). It’s also caused me to ride the steppes with Chinggis Khaan and the Mongols, prance around Europe looking for the Amber Room and set sail from time to time to go a Viking! The one set of books that is causing me grief, however, is the series written by Simon Scarrow covering the efforts of Centurions Macro and Cato. Currently I’ve almost finished The Eagle’s Prophecy and have Eagle in the Sand ready to start on.

Why is this causing me grief?

Well, I started to really like 6mm figures again with the Cold War and Future War Commander Armies. In fact, I like all three sets of rules from Specialist Military Publishing and I am working on painting a World War 2 Italian Army at the moment. I am also working on the Prussian II Corps in 6mm from the time of the Battle of Leipzig. The grief comes because Macro and Cato are such damned good heroes in such damned good stories and as such they are inspiring me to think about painting a Roman Army.

Now currently my wargaming efforts have moved away from ancients and I have been very involved in nautical, modern and Napoleonic style wargaming. I do not need another distraction. However, the desire to do something just a little different is always a strong desire and I would dearly love an excuse to look at some figures from another 6mm manufacturer other than Adler Miniatures, Baccus or Heroics and Ros. I know Irregular Miniatures also make 6mm but I have not been happy with the 6mm figures I have seen from there. What’s causing my angst is that I know Rapier Miniatures have a new range of 6mm figures – well, new to me as I have not seen them before. I can’t tell exactly how good they are from the pictures on the website – I would dearly love to be able to look at them in then flesh and decide about them then … but I can’t.

Argh – resist! Paint Napoleonics, Paint Italians.

I mentioned that I liked the Cold War, Future War and Blitzkrieg Commander rules and Warmaster Ancients works in much the same way. Rapier Miniatures have a Warmaster Ancients 1000 point Army Pack available for Romans. For £29.50 you get (in 6mm):

  • 1 Mounted General and some lackeys
  • 6 units of Legionaries (20 figures per base)
  • 3 units of Auxiliary Infantry (16 figures per base)
  • 3 units of Auxiliary Archers (16 figures per base)
  • 1unit of Heavy Cavalry (6 figures per base)
  • 1 unit of Light Cavalry (4 figures per base)

There is also some opposition, the erstwhile Britons (Macro and Cato’s first big enemies).

I have resisted for two months now – it will be interesting to see when my willpower finally cracks and I order some of these. Opposing Ancients are not hard to find in 6mm either with ranges at Irregular, Baccus and Heroics and Ros.

For those interested, the series of books starring Macro and Cato along with Vespasian and others, in order so far are:

  • Under the Eagle
  • The Eagle’s Quest
  • When the Eagle Hunts
  • The Eagle and the Wolves
  • The Eagles Prey
  • The Eagles Prophecy
  • Eagle in the Sand
  • Centurion
  • The Gladiator

Argh – resist! Paint Napoleonics, Paint Italians.

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