Marie Callas and Snake Oil Salesmen

One of the most commented on posts here at Thomo’s Hole is the one about Marie Callas the Clairvoyant and …?. Most of the comments say the same thing  – that the commenter believes that Marie Callas is a fraud. Whilst there are many unexplained things in the universe (like how Pelicans know there will be water in Lake Eyre) I do not believe that these “psychic” revelations of folks such as Callas are any more than an elaborate money-making scheme.

Beware of these folks. If you want some interesting reading, follow some of the links from this Google search ((I must admit, it appears as though she – if indeed she is truly a she –  has at least done some search engine optimisation. Raises the question “does a true psychic need to have good business practices?”))

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