Cato and Macro Cause Me More Grief

Bloody Macro and Cato have done it again. I have been having urges to paint some Early Imperial Romans and Ancient Britons after the early books in Scarrow’s series. Then the buggers took on the pirates off the Illyrian coast and I started looking for my triremes. Then the dynamic duo hit the desert in Judea and I was starting to think about Parthians as well. After starting Centurion I want to add Palmyrans to that list.

Scale is not a problem, I will do these sometime this year in 6mm using either Baccus, Heroics and Ros or Rapier Miniatures. My problem is deciding on the rule system to use and therefore the basing. My initial thoughts were to base the figures up for Warmaster Ancients which means 40mm x 20mm bases. It also means that the bases will work well for DBA and Big Battle DBA as well.

However, the guys down in Canberra are basing at 60mm x 30mm and using the figures to play Principles of War Ancients (PoWA). I believe also that Baccus has plans to release a version of Polemos for Ancients at some time in the future and these will likely use the same 60 x 30 basing.

I’m torn between 40 x 20 and 60 x 30. Less figures are needed for 40 x 20 and they look good but 60 x 30 will fit more likely opponents. I guess it’ll be 60 x 30 then – although I have a few weeks or so before I need to make a final decision and order some figures.

40×20 … 60×30 … bloody Macro and Cato!

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