40 x 20 Bases

Bug’rit – it’ll be 40 x 20 bases. Much as I like the 60 x 30 Polemos bases for Napoleonics (and I am sure I will like the same sizes for ECW, GNW, WSS and any other good three character acronyms I can think of) I think I will stick to the 40 x 20 bases for Ancients. Just seems to work better from my point of view.

So there, done, decided, dusted!

Now, where’d I put the credit card so I can start buying figures?

2 thoughts on “40 x 20 Bases

  1. Ian Hopping 30 November 1999 / 8:00 am

    Just the man- Google brought me here.

    Hello from Tring Club

    Graham and I have decided to do WSS- neither of us know about the period, he said if we were going to do H&M he wouldn't do Napoleonic, and I wanted Tricornes. We WERE going to do SYW, then we got a Pendraken army pack each cheap – I ended up with Prussia (there were two, he paid for both of us, so I owe him, and gave me a pack at random).

    Bugger all info on uniforms on the web- the best site is Baccus, but that's limited. Can you give an old mate some help! – you should have my email in the header, of post something at my Blog (last hussar etc).

    Never going to get those ECW painted!


  2. thomo the lost 30 November 1999 / 8:00 am

    Oh, nice pick. If you ended up with Prussia what did Graham end up with?

    You are right, there is a dearth of info on the 'net on this one, leastwise in relation to uniform details. Suprising really, it is easier to find painting info on the GNW than on the WSS. Try these sites:


    http://www.zum.de/whkmla/region/germany/xprussia…. <– good for general history from a German perspective


    http://www.vlgn.nl/content/view/8/28/lang,en/ <– the Dutch Blue Guard – not sure if there are links elsewhere

    http://www.collectie.legermuseum.nl/strategion/st… <– more Dutch


    you could also try:


    Cheers mate


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