6mm Ancients – Step One

Well, really step 1.5. I decided to spend some of my PayPal balance today and ordered some figures from Rapier Miniatures. In the spirit of Macro and Cato I ended up ordering the Warmaster Ancient Parthian Army. This is 1000 points worth of Parthians and consists of 4 units of Cataphracts, 6 of Horse Archers and 2 of Skirmishers plus a general. The reason for selecting this was that it was the cheapest of the army packs on offer and therefore gives me a good way to have a look at these figures and see how they look when painted up without spending a lot of money. This is because I have not seen the Rapier Miniatures before.

I should also mention that the other reason for selecting the Parthians is that they will not take too long to paint. I they look good, then I’ll get some more, if not, eBay!

The other thing I am looking forward to is comparing them size wise with two of the three other 6mm Ancient figure manufacturers, Baccus and Heroics and Ros, to see which is the closest match to them. I’m not bothering to compare them against the 6mm figures made by Irregular Miniatures as I have seen them before and I am not really impressed with them.

So, when they turn up I shall post my opinions of them here.,

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