Prussian Painting Update

Sigh – nothing.

Well, not exactly nothing. In the last two weeks I have managed to get the coats painted on 4 battalions of Landwehr and get the rest of all the of the Prussians on painting sticks (tongue depressors) and undercoated – and that’s about it. Mind you, when I look at them all lined up there looking pristine in their white undercoat I think “’struth, that’s a lot of bloody figures there!”

The cavalry looks impressive – 8 rows of uhlans and 6 of cuirassiers. The infantry looks like it goes on forever – 4 rows of landwehr, 12 rows of reserve infantry and 6 rows of fusiliers/musketeers. Then there is the artillery.

Hmm, ships to paint, Prussians to paint, Ducky of Warsaw to paint, Confederation of the Rhine to paint, World War 2 Italians to paint and then there are the Parthians coming from England (if that bloody volcano stops its erupting). Sigh – so much to paint.

Heaven for a wargamer!

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