Saturday Morning TV – Solomon and Sheba

Solomon: Set them to burnishing their shields, have them shine like mirrors.

What could be better over a late Saturday breakfast than on old sand and sandals epic. Yul “just don’t smoke” Brynner, Gina “va-va-voom” Lollobrigida and George “the gentleman” Sanders along with Masia Pavan and David Farrer. The movie is not one of the great ones, and certainly I (and many others) would love to see the original 1921 version of the Solomon and Sheba.

It was filmed in Spain in 1959, with actors from Italy (Lollobrigida, Pavan), England (Sanders and David Farrer), Russia (Brynner) and elsewhere (I guess Tyrone Power who still appeared in the long-shots although having died halfway through the production of the movie provides the American connection). Sheba appears to be converted to Judaism at the end of the movie. The movie itself bears little resemblance to the biblical story of Solomon and Sheba.

I must admit the only inspiration for me from this movie would be for a Hordes of the Things fantasy army. The battle scene towards the end when the Egyptians with Adonijah (Solomon’s brother) leading attack the remaining troops of Solomon’s sort of provided HotT inspiration. The moving however is a dud – perfect for Saturday morning viewing!

Adonijah: You and your Sheban slut have defiled the fair name of Israel.

Yep – that about sums it up! See iMDB on Solomon and Sheba for more information.

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