The World War 2 Italians – Painting Progress


The Italians are about half painted now or rather, more correctly, I should say that about 50% of the army is painted. I have finally settled on the final colour combinations as well. I wasn’t so much worried about the vehicle and troop colours but rather the bases – what was going to look reasonably North African. The L6/33 on the right was the first basing attempt. I was not all that happy with it – seemed to yellow to me and not enough contrast between the sand colour and the burnt grass.

The base on the left with the M11/39 on it is the current scheme – the colours are considerably more sunbaked that the one on the right. This provides some more contrast with the dried grass as well as between the vehicle and the base itself. It also allows for some crowding of extra items on the base.

The base colour for this is Citadels Dheneb Stone, with dry brushes of Citadel’s Bleached Bone and Skull White.

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