Warmaster Ancients – 6mm Basing

I mentioned in 6mm Ancients Step One that I had ordered the Rapier Miniatures Warmaster Parthian Army pack. I have been debating with myself whether to base these on 40×20 or 60×30 bases and decided finally to use the 40×20 basing as these can still be used with rules other than Warmaster.

This morning as I was in a contemplative period I started to think more about the Ancients (and not just deciding to get a move on with Harry Sidebottom’s book so that I could get into the last instalment of Macro and Cato). I was trying to decide the basing of the Parthian cataphracts that are on the way here. They are rated in Warmaster as shock troops so the options are to base them on a 20×40 base or a 40×20 base.

I decided then that I was going to do this all for Warmaster and not worry about other rule systems. To that end I also decided that I would then use the shock troop basing recommended in Warmaster so they will go onto 20x40mm bases.

There! Done! Decided!

Now wanting to get back to Sydney in a hurry to see if the figures have turned up yet.

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