Curse You Harry Sidebottom

It was bad enough with Cato and Macro causing me more grief but now Harry Sidebottom has added to it. I had resigned myself to doing some Warmaster Ancients armies in 6mm for Imperial Rome, Ancient Briton, Judean Revolt and Parthian. Indeed, the Parthians are already on order from Rapier Miniatures and hopefully on their way to my office.

All was well, I thought, in the Ancient World. Not too big a project to sit on top of my Prussian II Corps at Leipzig, the Peshawar Campaign, the Duchy of Warsaw and the Rheinbund troops of the Napoleonic Wars along with World War 2 Italians and Russians. Yes, all very wargamer-like.

Wargamer-like? Of course. July last year I was considering German Aeronefs and Aerostats for the Peshawar Campaign and really not considering anything else. By October I was branching out and considering Cold War and Future War Commander from Specialist Military Publishing, eventually purchasing and finishing the Cold War Commander Danes and the Future War Commander PacFed in early 2010. I had also been painting some ships. Now the project count includes the mentioned Ancients.

It was early in 2010 when I had to travel to Singapore and one of the books I bought at the airport to keep me amused in between bouts of sleeping on the flight was Warrior of Rome, Part 1 – Fire in the East by Harry Sidebottom. Last week it found its way to the top of my reading pile. Great read. I am about one third the way through the first volume and already my mind is starting to add to the list of Ancients above. Now I think I need to add Sassanians to the mix.

Curse you Harry Sidebottom!

One thought on “Curse You Harry Sidebottom

  1. Doug 30 November 1999 / 8:00 am

    I wrote the review of the Sidebottom book for the Canberra Times:

    Thomo Notes: The review was lengthy so it has been moved from a comment to a separate post in its own right – see Warrior of Rome – Fire in the East here in Thomo's Hole.


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