Sassanians Have Arrived

Instead of Cato and Macro causing me more grief, this time it is Pete Berry at Baccus. You may recall when I said “curse you Harry Sidebottom” recently because reading Sidebottom had sparked my imagination to stretch further in the Ancient world than just some Imperial Romans and a handful of Parthians. Sidebottom was responsible for me sending an order to Baccus for 1000 points of Sassanians for a Warmaster Army.

They arrived on my desk at lunchtime today.

I suppose the good thing is that looking at the figures whilst eating the sub stopped me reading more of Cato and Macro’s adventures. That then stopped me thinking about adding a Slave Revolt army to the increasing “must have” list ((and yes, this means I am reading The Gladiator by Simon Scarrow)).

So what’s my problem?

The Sassanians are just gorgeous. I think Baccus’ Ancient figures look much better than their Horse and Musket figures – at least the recent resculpts and new sculpts. I think I hate Mr Berry because having looked at these Sassanians, I am counting the minutes until quitting time today so I can rush home, cook dinner, then settle down to preparing these for painting as soon as possible. These figures really are screaming to me, “paint me, paint me”.

Then, once I have prepared some of these Sassanians for painting, it will be on to the Internet and opening Mr Berry’s catalogue and start planning the next purchases. My Ancient fires have been relit.

Curse you Macro and Cato! Curse you Harry Sidebottom. And now, curse you Mr Berry!

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