World War 1 Austrian Fleet

P1000350 I’ve been painting 1/6000th scale ships again for John in the US. This time it was the main vessels of the Austrian World War 1 fleet (well, minus a few torpedo boats that I painted with his Italians).

For something a little different, the older vessels were painted in the pre-war colours of the Austrian fleet, a dark green whilst the newer vessels were all painted in the colour scheme of the fleet during World War 1.

Also included where four cargo ships – targets for some future game.

P1000363 As these vessels are 1/6000th scale, they are quite small, as you can see with the Habsburg class battleships in the photo to the right. These little beauties are about 1.75 cm long in size. Incidentally, they are painted in the dark green colour.

It was gratifying to have John say to me about the painting of these vessels, “super job, Ian, as always!”

The next batch of ships from him will be the French from World War 1. In the meantime I have some other ships to finish for Lee and a bazillion 6mm Prussians for me.

Back to the paint table!

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