Hard Drive Consolidations

Over the last couple of years I’ve used four laptops. By far my favourite was my Toshiba – brilliant graphics card and screen, lovely keyboard to type on and really reliable until the internal heat of its processor got to it and it needed a new motherboard.

I then used a Sony Vaio as a temporary measure. It also had a nice big screen and was fairly good to use. It had to go back to my partner however and I replaced it with an HP Pavilion. The Pavilion DV2000 has been fairly good although I suspect the heat generated by the CPUs has caused an issue or two on the motherboard as they USB ports do not always function as they were designed to do. At the same time, the left side shift key sometimes plays up as well.

Lastly I have my company Lenovo Thinkpad that I have been using the for the last two years. It has been remarkably reliable with nothing playing up on it except for a odd noise from the fan lately. I am sure that will develop to something that I would rather it did not develop in to.

Due to the odd technical issue, I have installed Linux Mint on the HP and have been rebuilding the file structures and everything in there. I will admit to also having some fun with it and Linux at the same time.

Of course, it is also a good excuse to consolidate the documents and files I have in folders all over the place. To that end I am trying to consolidate the My Documents folders fro effectively three machines, removing duplicate files and storing everything in a logical folder structure.

Seems I have well over 100,000 files in those folders. I guess this is going to take a day or two longer than I expected. Perhaps it is time I learned Python.

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