The Next PacFed

Way back last year I painted some figures for Future War Commander – PacFed Forces. I’ve played a few games with them. Recently I decided to expand the forces to include spaceships. Brigade Models were holding their annual summer sale and had recently released a PacFed space force for Starmada or Full Thrust rules. This meant the purchase of a lot of ships for not such a great price.

The problem I have been wrestling with concerns the colours to paint them. I wanted to continue the Aussie Cricket Team colours started with the Future War Commander vessels – basically, green and gold (all right, yellow). But I kept thinking “spaceships, there should be something more”. Metals came to mind along with ceramics. Then it occurred to me, “gold”!

“Eureka” I thought.

I wasn’t sure how to handle the gold though so at lunch time today I took myself off to the Games Workshop Bunker in Clarence Street to have a chat with the friendly staff and a look at the Shining and Burnished Gold colours available in their paint range.

We spoke and then they suggested a variation which looks like it might just be the business for the ships – leastwise for the gold part. Mix the gold with some brown and use that. The suggested method was:

  1. Undercoat (black or white – still undecided – will experiment with both to see the final finish)
  2. Mix 2 parts Shining Gold with 1 part Calthan Brown as the basic gold colour
  3. Wash with a 1:1 mix of Badab Black and Devlan Mud
  4. Highlight with Burnished Gold
  5. Final wash with Gryphonne Sepia Wash

OK, so the reason I am writing this post is to make sure I don’t forget the alchemy.

For the green there were a couple of suggestions. One was to paint the green areas with Mithril Silver and keep applying successive washes of Thraka Green Wash until the whole green area took on a green hue.

A second idea was to mix 2 parts Mithril Silver with 1 part Goblin (or Snot) Green and see how that looks. A green wash may still be necessary after that and use one of the lighter greens for a highlight. Lots of good ideas to try.

I will, of course, post a blow-by-blow description of how the painting went when I try it. And thanks to the GW staff in Sydney – good ideas (and I will be back when I do the next batch of Victorian Science Fiction to look at the bronze/green mix).

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