Thomo’s Hole – Content and Welcome

There has been an increase in visitors to the Hole over the last few months. Some come as a result of the feed of posts here to the Society of Ancients website. Some come as a result of my LinkedIn profile showing blog posts, others in from Plaxo or elsewhere and still others as a result of searches on the Internet.

I thought now was a good time to point out some things about Thomo’s Hole. First and foremost, it is my web log and as such it contains posts of items that interest or annoy me. Most of the content here is related to my hobby wargaming. However, as I also have travelled a lot over the years, there are many posts about some of the places I have visited – Mongolia and Saudi Arabia in particular.

If you’re visiting here and interested in wargaming, then search the wargaming item of interest. For example, searching 6mm will yield this result:

Similarly, seaching DBA will yield:

If, however, you are interested in some of the places I’ve travelled to, search them instead.

To also make it easier to get around here, there is a list of categories of the posts in the side bar and there is also a tag cloud of items posted more than others here in the Hole. Click on one of the terms and see where it takes you.

You can also look at the Archive Map menu item on the menu bar at the top. Clicking it returns a list of every post in the Hole (look to the area after the comment box). See for an example.

As for the content of Thomo’s Hole, as I mentioned above, it is mixed. Some hobby stuff, some history, some travel tales and some things that just annoy me. Hey, it’s my web log after all 😆

Do feel free to comment if you want to – both positive and negative comments are welcome. However, note that I will edit out any invective or vilification that appears. I will, however, give space to differing opinions. As an example, have a look at the following post:

This has the honour of being the most read post here as well as the one with the greatest number of comments. Some of the comments have been quite negative as well. They have been left in the comment stream with just the invective removed.

Anyway, I hope this clarifies more the content of Thomo’s Hole for new visitors or for those coming expecting to read something about wargaming but finding something on the Muttawa instead.

Look around, read and enjoy.

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