Really Cool Tabletop Digital Map

I was sent a link tonight to the contraption to the left. It is a tabletop digital map projector – really useful especially for those that are involved in RPG style games. It would also be useful for those that are playing the likes of D&D in particular.

RPGenome has the full instructions for making this device at this web address.

It really looks like a fairly straightforward process although it is a little costly. Still, follow the instructions and at the end you’ll have a portable digital map display for tabletops.

One of the beauties of this device is that it is portable so can go where the game is.

I’d love to build myself one … but I really don’t need one. Do have a look at this though, it looks a great device.

One thought on “Really Cool Tabletop Digital Map

  1. Jeff 30 November 1999 / 8:00 am

    Damned cool.

    We've been thinking about doing this sort of thing for ages but I hate the pole system – I'd be more inclined to build a bottom-up projection thing with glass on top for easy cleaning, and drawing on with whiteboard markers, and reducing overhead of all the, uh, overhead stuff.

    Check out the Microsoft Surface if you want to see a multi-thousand dollar interactive version of this. I bunch of guys from MIT made a D&D game on it but tbh it was a bit too assistive, I'd rather it was just passive table projection.


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