Visitors to Thomo’s Hole


I’ve just been having a look at the visitors to Thomo’s Hole over the past 6 months. There has been a growth in readership here with the most popular articles being:

What does this tell me?

Well, given the distribution of the visitors and the mix of articles that are popular, folks stop in here that aren’t wargamers as well as members of the wargaming fraternity. It also tells me that I do not need to split the blog but that I can keep the wargames articles and the other material together.

I also notice that even when a post is old (such as the one about the witch Callas), it still continues to get hits so the search engines can find them.

What am I missing? Well, in the 25,000 folks who stopped by in the last 6 months, my reader in Barrow, Alaska has not returned. I also wonder why no one in Madagascar has stopped by (not just in the last 6 months but in fact in the last two years). No one has visited from Papua/New Guinea either. Previously I had a visitor from the Falklands as well, although them being missing is made up for by the visitors from Terra del Fuego.

I will be travelling soon so we can expect some more general content in the next couple of weeks as well as an increase in the wargaming content. I also need a new PC but that is a whole other matter and one that I will write up, especially as Hewlett Packard are really starting to annoy me with the saga of my old laptop.

But now I believe it is time for a light libation! Cheers and I’ll talk to you all again soon.

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