1/600th Scale Samples

I mentioned a while ago that I had ordered a sample pack of the Oddzial Osmy 1/600 tanks from Pico Armor.com to see what they were like. Below is the contents of the Yom Kippur Sample Pack.

yom_kippur_set The first thing to note is that the grid is a 1cm x 1cm grid. The pack contained three each of Centurion, M113, M109, T-55, BTR-50, M-30 122mm howitzer and three infantry strips.

I should point out the service from Pico Armour was very good with the figures returned very quickly. I’ll just cover a couple of the vehicles that were included.

centurion The Centurion really looks the business, showing the big blocky appearance of the Centurion. I should note too that these are photographed as they came from the pack. There has been no cleanup of the figures either – these are photographed warts (or should I say “flash”) and all.

t55 To the right is the T-55, again, looking like a T-55.

I must admit now that had I not made such an investment in 6mm figures and vehicles over the last year or two, I would seriously consider using these vehicles. I know that this is the same argument I used with 1/6000 ships vs 1/3000 ships but it is the case. I’ll leave you with a close up of some of the infantry.


2 thoughts on “1/600th Scale Samples

  1. bokaso1 30 November 1999 / 8:00 am

    Very impressive pictures …… I have them made so far and if you've never seen them live ….. My models T 55 are 9.5 mm x 5 mm, and T 72 is 10.5 mm x 5mm …. I model the right of (board of biscuits, and personal telephone wires, paper, glue for wood and acrylic paint ….. I think that it is not difficult to make these models ……. I also think that my artillery little more realistic than molten material is the same …… ….. How tall models in mm …. please reply me if it is not too ….. Thanks ….. 😛


  2. thomo the lost 30 November 1999 / 8:00 am

    I still need to paint mine for a final view – perhaps later this month but yes, the models are impressive. To be honest, if I was not so committed to 1:300/1:285 scale already I would certainly be purchasing a lot of these.

    The models are generally between 3 and 5mm in height – the infantry are about 3mm base to head in height, the tanks a little bit taller. The artliiery will look less like molten metal when painted 😆

    Have you any pictures of your vehicles? I would be happy to see them.


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