Robin Hood and Long Flights

It’s more and less. I watched Robin Hood, the one with Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchett. In my defence, it was on the way back from Singapore and watch movies is the new black on aircraft – so many of them to watch.

I must admit, it was an interesting flight in and of itself. Before boarding I had the usual pre-flight cheeseburger and beer (just in case my selection is not available on the flight). I was looking at some of the other patrons at the bar and wondering which ones I would see in the flight. The two odd couples struck me as odd and sure enough, I ran into them on the flight. Well, not so much ran into them but they were seated a few rows ahead of me. It was a couple (late 40s I guess) and one set of their parents (early 70s perhaps).

Anyway, I boarded the flight and the first bizarreness occurred. I should note here that the flight was on the Airbus A-380 – the big mofo of a plane. So, the older couple called over a flight attendant to complain about the seat the woman was sitting in. Apparently it was uncomfortable as it was pushing her head forward. They complained and complained and the poor flight crew tried to explain that there was nothing wrong with the seat. They tried her husband’s seat then back to hers. The couple would not have a bar of it, even the explanation that there were like 400 other seats all the same. The flight crew even offered to try and have them moved but they would not. They wanted her seat fixed. Husband did not offer to change seats I might add. Flight crew gave up.

We disconnected from the sky bridge and taxied out.

We got to the taxi way, about half way to the end of the runway and then stopped.

There was an announcement, “we have a medical emergency, is there a doctor on board?”

As it turned out there were four doctors and a couple of medical college students. They looked at the patient then tried to decide whether she was fit enough to fly to Australia. She wasn’t so we after an hour we returned to a vacant parking spot and they took her off and found and unloaded her bags. We waited another hour there as the first aid kit needed to be replaced along with an oxygen bottle.

Whilst we were waiting there, we watch the plane next to us have a tyre changed – not so different to changing the tyre your car.

Anyway, we got into the air. I must admit, I was ready to not like the movie but, even allowing for Crowe’s Irish rather than old English accent, it wasn’t bad. I could also forgive the anachronisms and the oddities.

Seems Robin Hood was unsuccessful in having King John sign Magna Carta.

Then there was the scene where on the beach he pulled a bow out of the ocean and shot the bad guy with a great lob to the back court. Meanwhile Marion is trading sword blows with the French on the beach.

Best of all was when the said French had decided to invade England they arrived in LCMs. Yep, LCMs – Landing Craft Medieval. These were rowed barges with a squarish shape that were rowed right up to the beach then the bow dropped open to allow the knights and men-at-arms in them to attack straight onto the beach.

OK, that was the bit that was a bit over the top. I must admit though, I did enjoy the movie however – not a top 10 movie but one I’d watch again.

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