Mr Yang’s Baseline

Today it was time for the annual Christmas lunch. Once a year we get together, eat way too much, recall old times, ponder if Richard is using hair colour to prevent the grey and generally have a good time. This year there were a few missing, from nothing more serious than they just couldn’t make it. Indraa was missed as was Glenn, Antoine and Dom to name just a few.

Each year, however, we have noted the proclivity for Mr Yang to engage in a personal battle with the Sydney Rock Oyster population of the local bays and estuaries. Each year it is a fierce battle and a close run result. We were missing one thing, however. We did not have a baseline. As Mr Yang is getting older does he require more oysters or less. More oysters to, er, maintain “vigorosity” or less oysters as he sleeps more now?

How could we tell? We had no baseline. Today, therefore, we paid attention and as the last oyster slid down Mr Yang’s throat we noted and recorded the number for posterity – and the baseline for next years Christmas lunch.


One thought on “Mr Yang’s Baseline

  1. Peter Han 30 November 1999 / 8:00 am

    Just as Thomo has recognized, baselining Mr Yang's records against Sydney oysters will entertain us immensely over the coming years, I feel obliged to correct a minor miscounting: I did observe Mr Yang, while standing on the queue, used the opportunity to sample an oyster in a magisterial swift motion.

    The baseline of fify one is not as elegant fifty

    but raises the bar a little bit higher and as Mr Yang's appetite wanes, God forbid, it may be the higest one we will see.

    So, Mr Yang here is a challenge for you!

    Thanks all and it was nice to see you all healthy and skinny alike.

    Peter Han


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