Thomo’s Armies 2 – Ostrogoths

image The first of my collection of hairy barbarians. The Ostrogoths were one of the two Gothic tribes or branches. The others were the Visigoths – we’ll get to them in the near future. The Ostrogoths big claim to fame was the establishment of the Kingdom of Italy when they took over the Western Roman Empire.

Theodoric the Great was the Ostrogothic ruler at the zenith of Ostrogothic power. The Ostrogothic kingdom was conquered later by Justinian’s army in the Gothic War of 535 to 554 C.E.

The army I have here is the Early Ostrogoths (although I can probably morph ((morphing is the making of other armies from available figures not specifically designed for that army)) the Later Ostrogoths from available figures).

The main strike power of the Ostrogoths comes from their mounted forces. There is no clear description of these mounted soldiers in the ancient sources and there are, as a result, a couple of interpretations of their armament and fighting styles. One description has the Ostrogoths using a long spear or kontos two-handed with no shield. Perhaps the more accepted interpretation however has them armed with a heavy spear and/or javelins as well as a shield. They were likely supported by foot archers.

The figures for this army are from Essex Miniatures and the army was originally made for the DBM Rules. Under the newer DBMM Rules, the army list for what I have looks something like:

Quantity Description Cost Total
1 C-in-C – Irr Kn(F) 19 19
2 Sub-general – Irr Kn(F) 19 38
32 Cavalry – Irr Kn(F) 9 288
18 Archers – Irr Ps(O) 2 36
12 Archers – Irr Bw(I) 3 36
6 Camp – flocks and herds – Irr Bg(I) 1 6
Total 423

“Ostrogothi” means “Goths of (or glorified by) the rising sun”. This has been interpreted as “gleaming Goths” or “east Goths”.

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