Cancon 2011 – The Enrolment

I decided yesterday finally to enrol in both the DBMM 2.0 and the DBA competitions at Cancon 2011. I’d decided a while ago that I probably would go. So, now the holiday is approved from work and the enrolment has gone in.

Now, my biggest problem is to decide the armies to use.

The DBA competition is on the last day and I need to have the army that I am taking decided by 17 January 2011. I should also have it painted and based. I’ll play in 6 games on that day. I have no idea at the moment which DBA army I will take and even whether it will be an existing army or one that I paint for the competition.

The DBMM competition is on the first two days of Cancon (22 and 23 January 2011). I need to have my list submitted to the list checker by 2 January 2011 (actually, I can put the army list in after that date but there is a penalty involved). Currently, I am thinking that I will either take a Carolingian army or an Eastern Frankish (post Carolingian) army.

On the matter of the DBMM army, the rebasing of the Carolingian figures is well underway with all necessary figure stripped from their original bases and glued to the new MDF bases. I can start to prepare to colour those bases next.

Another progress report next week.

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