Cancon 2011 – The Preparation – 2

P1000680 10 days ago I updated the status of my preparation for Canberra’s Cancon 2011. At that stage I was still in the process of sorting figures for my East Franks or Carolingians – yes, at that time I still had not decided which army to use for the DBMM 2.0 competition. I also had not decided on the DBA army to take but wasn’t so worried about that as I had a lot of painted figures to chose from.

One step at a time. I finally decided for DBMM that I would use the army as Eastern Franks. I prepared the list and sent that off to the organiser a week ago and it was approved. I also finished rebasing the figures last week and varnished them. That is them above. I’m quite pleased with the way they’ve come out – I shall need to finish rebasing the rest of the figures that I had in that batch – there is at least another 27 elements of spear, more bows, knights, psiloi and light horse to rebase before they have all been done.

P1000682 That was DBMM taken care of.

I then started to think about the DBA competition on the 24th. I could have built any one of a number of DBA armies from the painted figures I have at the moment – armies such as Late Roman, Byzantine, Sumerian, Hairy Barbarians and so on.

If you recall, on the 8th of January I ended up posting a list of my painted DBMM and DBA Armies as well as a list of the unpainted stock – that this, those armies waiting for some brushwork. One the of the unpainted armies listed was III/10c Rajputs 747-1300 CE. I thought to myself, 12 elements (actually 13), how hard can it be? I decided then on Thursday that I would try and get these ready for Cancon – I had over a week after all.

Friday night was spent preparing the figures and undercoating them. Some base coats were added then as well. Saturday saw the infantry painted in between washing the clothes. Today (OK, by the time I post this, yesterday) was spent getting the knights ready for painting but getting their base coats on and painting the elephant general.


I figured that if I did not get enough of the Rajputs painted I could always fall back on a plan B on Monday – as that is when the list I am using needs to be submitted to the organiser.

I’m thinking to go ahead with the Rajputs. I only have the four elements of knights to paint and they are ready for final colours, having been base-coated and washed. I should have the painting finished by Monday night, based on Tuesday night and varnished Wednesday night ready for a trip to Canberra on Friday night.

It also gives me Thursday night to actually read the rules I will be playing with.

Organised? You bet. One week to go and still not ready. I am sure this is normal for attendance at a convention. I will blog from Cancon next week, if nothing else, recording my resounding victories … or more likely my resounding defeats!

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