Cancon 2011 – the Trip

19:15 Friday night, the bag and armies are packed. I had planned on getting away at 16:00 for the drive to Canberra – that would have given me a daylight drive all the way there and the joy of seeing Lake George as the sunset. However, one thing led to another and I was late getting away. This was further compounded by driving past the petrol at $1.26 a litre to find the next five petrol stations were $1.43 a litre. Make a big run around the block, fill up and head off.

The drive to Canberra was pleasant enough with little traffic although the McDonald’s McCafe strawberry iced donut I was planning on for dinner on the way was frozen still so I just made do with a coffee from Goulburn ((who knew that all those McDonalds McCafe cakes, tarts and donuts were all frozen, put out the night before and allowed to thaw overnight for “fresh” eating the next day?)).

The drive down was spent listening to the History of Rome podcast whilst going over in my head the structure and best ways to use my DBMM army. I was not thinking about the DBA army … one complication at a time.

Anyway, I am here, and ready to roll!

Game reports later and details of the lost at the end of it all.

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