Cancon 2011 – DBA – Final Results and Armies

To complete my battle reports from Cancon 2011 of the DBA competition, I thought I would include the final scorecard which lists players, armies and final results. This was such a fun competition, the games played in great spirit, the juniors, in many cases, outperforming the seniors. I can thoroughly recommend anyway thinking of playing at Cancon to stop thinking, take out the brushes and paint a DBA army for Cancon 2012. It only takes a couple of weeks to paint an army and this really is such a fun competition. Go on, do it … you know you want to!

Stats wise, there were 26 players in total and so there were no byes. The final placing was:

Place Player Army Cumulative Raw Score
1 Doug Melville IV/30 Teutonic Orders 48
2 Thomo the Lost III/10b Hindu Indian (Rajput) 42
3 Murray Woodford III/54 Early Samurai 40
4 David Osborne I/60b Early Achaemenid Persian 38
5 Marcus Tregenza IV/03 Anglo Norman 37
6 Bas Braham (J) II/43 Maccabean Jewish 37
7 Sam Braham (J) II/07 Later Achaemenid Persian 36
8 Mark Baker IV/82a French Ordonance 35
9 Andrew Ford II/41a Han Chinese 35
10 John Geer IV/61 Italian Condotta 34
11 Jon Willacy II/49 Marian Roman 34
12 Adrian Williams III/43c Khurasanian (Samanids) 32
13 Ian N III/40d Norse Viking and Leidang (Leidang) 32
14 Jason Dickie II/78b Late Imperial Roman (East) 31
15 David Lawrence III/20b Early Tang Chinese 30
16 Jerry Hearn IV/83a Wars of the Roses English 30
17 Peter Braham IV/83b Wars of the Roses English 29
18 Zyrus Halverson (J) II/41a Han Chinese 28
19 John McCartney II/48 Mithradatic 27
20 Brenton Searle IV/33 Epirot Byzantine 27
21 Ashleigh Lawrence (J) IV/61 Italian Condotta 25
22 Michael Chellew IV/23 Feudal English 25
23 Joe Unwin (J) II/33 Polybian Roman 23
24 Chris Hersey II/33 Polybian Roman 19
25 Kiaran Lomas IV/77 Black and White Sheep Turkomen 18
26 Reon Halverson (J) II/05a Later Hoplite Greek (Spartan) 16

The players marked with a (J) were all juniors.

There were 78 games played and a total of 36 generals died over the day. One game saw both generals eliminated.

Come along and play next year – it’s great fun.

One thought on “Cancon 2011 – DBA – Final Results and Armies

  1. Doug 30 November 1999 / 8:00 am

    6-0, 6-0, 6-0…. ok, time to retire the all-conquering Teutons from DBA and go for something more challenging to give you lot a chance… Inca anyone?


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