The Singapore Wargames Project–Part 1

Thomo's Singapore HoleI mentioned previously that I had found the odd wargamer or two in Singapore and that Warhammer and Flames of War seemed to be the rules played most often here. I’ll admit, I did briefly think of Flames of War but then thought “Ancients! I’d like to do some Ancients!”

I started looking around and considering the possibilities. The first thing I considered was scale. My condominium is not so large (see the picture to the left) and the table is only 80cm square (about 32 inches). A 6×4 table was definitely out at home. I am immediately thinking 15mm or smaller. The first thought then was to paint figures and head off to somewhere like Paradigm Infinitum to play. I could buy a Flames of War Army and all the rulebooks for just a small fortune and I’d be away.

Storage would be something of a problem as well although I do have the bomb shelter here as an option … and let’s face it, if a bomb goes off the first thing a wargamer wants to save is his figures.

That’s when the other thought popped up. “Ancients!”

I had a butt-load of 15mm DBA armies at home (26 to be exact) and only one painted (the Rajputs that came second in the DBA competition at Cancon 2011). Maybe I could bring some of them back to paint. The playing area would only need to be 24-inches (600mm) square – quite doable in this condominium. I even had a couple of projects part planned and half started.

However, I am a wargamer so what could be better than another project?

I started to think about how to do something that was light enough to be man-portable across Singapore (so I could take it to other locations for a game) and small enough to use here if I chose. A mate of mine had a DBA game board made from a framed painting canvas. There was an art shop down the road. I had looked there in the past when I was looking for paint supplies and they had some 24-inch square canvases.

6mm ancients then popped into my head and in particular the figures of Pete Berry’s Baccus 6mm. I’d build a matched pair. I’d build two 6mm DBA armies. I then started to do a little research as I wanted to make sure that the two armies I selected were balanced enough to give good games with the result being decided by good generalship and a bit of luck instead of one army not having a chance against the other. I also wanted some contemporary opponents.

I started researching on the Fanaticus website. I looked under the Resources link and then the Army Notes. I came across the Syracusans and thought, “hmm, they seem like an interesting bunch – who are the enemies?”

Enemies were Carthaginians and Romans in particular. I thought – “ah ha!” Classic opposition and I am sure there is a campaign set here. Maybe four armies are better than two, then I can play Big Battle DBA as well.

One thing led to another and being the usual type of wargamer, the project has grown to something just less than monumental proportions. More on that later as I intend to document the whole project.

The next instalment will cover the planning and purchasing of the the game board and terrain and then later the armies finally selected.

4 thoughts on “The Singapore Wargames Project–Part 1

  1. Nick R 30 November 1999 / 8:00 am

    G'day. Sounds grand. Had been coming to similar conclusions about the desirability of kicking of a 6mm project again – left my Marlburians in Canberra. – though not so much Punic Wars, as Warring States. Then I started thinking of 2mm formations, chariots with squads of foot. Madness. Have caught up with Lee and had a couple of good games, relearning DBMM by demonstrating. And being beaten, of course.


    • thomo the lost 30 November 1999 / 8:00 am

      Yes – I was chatting with Lee the other day and he seemed quite happy to have a wargames opponent relatively nearby. There are a few here in Singapore that I haven't got around to contacting yet but will do so soon. The 6mm project was born from something that I could do that was man-portable and did not take up too much space. The idea of using the framed canvas for the board came from Doug … of course, the best ideas are the ones you can steal 🙂

      How're you enjoying Taiwan?


  2. Nick R 30 November 1999 / 8:00 am

    Taiwan? Like it, though too much homework and domesticity have limited exploration. Good food, friendly, much taken by the bits of plant life growing in improbable places, where ever they can be crammed in a pot, an old moped, etc. Thats different from HK.

    Glad to have a wargamer here too – enjoy the games with Lee despite being trounced. POrtable sounds good – also like the idea of greater numbers of little men, particularly where there are few bases on the table. But Lee has masses of 15mm, and I have a fair bit, albeit unpainted.


  3. Doug 30 November 1999 / 8:00 am

    B*gger.. that reminds me i must finish up my Marlburian British.. just as soon as I finish painting.. err.. everything.. on the bright side I bought a FWC Eurofed army already painted.. in fact the one from the FWC rulebook.. I feel so special..


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