The Singapore Wargames Project – Part 2

The first thing I should note here is that before you walk down the road to the art shop to buy some terrain materials … make sure the bloody shop is open. I walked down on 1 May 2011 and that is, of course, the May Day holiday in Singapore. The art shop is open seven days a week and only closed on public holidays. It did not matter that the day was Sunday – it was the public holiday.

I am wondering whether to try again on the 2nd or wait a few days.

Anyway, the bill of materials – not counting the armies. I need to get a game board, something to make some hills with, something to make a waterway with as well as provide for rivers, roads, woods, marshes, rough areas and maybe dunes.

Game Hardware Needed Item to Purchase Comments
Game Board Pre-stretched canvas Buy 2 to allow for big battle games later
Game Board Colour Mid green acrylic paint Cheapish green paint for the surface – possibly also a lighter colour for highlighting
Hills Styrene Sheet Will add something to the third dimension
Styrene Cutter
Woods Small Trees As I recall, the art store had some small trees that can be used to populate a woods – failing that, order mail order from China
Balsa Balsa sheet needed to provide a base for the trees to stand
Green Felt This will be used to outline the ground area of the woods
Waterway Cardboard or similar As the waterway is a large area feature, something flat will be needed to model it
Blue acrylic paint For painting the waterway – some highlight colour as well as shore colour will be needed
River Blue Felt Blue felt to cut in strips to make river sections
Marsh Blue Felt The same blue felt can also be used to mark the ground area of marshes
Road Brown Felt Brown felt to be cut in strips to make roads
Lichen Some lichen as well to add some texture to the marsh

OK – that is the shopping list for the game board hardware. The next instalment will cover the armies selected.

One thought on “The Singapore Wargames Project – Part 2

  1. thomo the lost 30 November 1999 / 8:00 am

    I can report – the shop was open on the Monday, which was the day off for the public holiday falling on the Sunday.


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