Two Things I Noticed About Singapore

Today is the election “cool off” day. As it is also Friday and therefore “casual Friday”, I asked whether this meant we could wear shorts to the office.

Actually, cool off day here is like the Media Black Out days in Australia. Here it means no more political rallies and everyone is out to vote tomorrow. Like Australia, voting is compulsory.

So, what was it I noticed?

The voting forms here contain a serial number. So, when you go to your polling station and are recorded as voting, the serial number of your voting paper appears to be recorded against your name.

My morning taxi driver assured me though that if anyone in the government tried to track back and see who voted for whom, then they would be prosecuted with the full weight of the law.

My other taxi driver mentioned to me that opposition supporters have trouble getting government benefits.

Figure that out for yourselves.

The second thing I noticed was that the gardener who looks after the garden in the alley outside the office here (and a lovely alley it is too), not only waters the garden everyday, regardless of whether there has been a tropical downpour or not, but today he was collecting the odd piece of rubbish that had fallen into the garden ((rubbish anywhere is a rarity in Singapore, a very clean city)) as well as collecting the dead leaves.

No wonder the garden looks pristine and needs watering everyday. There is no mulch left to stop the ground drying out.

Lunch time – it’s Friday, I’m wearing a multi-coloured shirt – must be time for Laksa!

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