Australian Medical Records

I went to the doctor early today. It was time for a check-up and I wanted to get a couple of things sorted out before surrendering myself to the Singapore medical system. The result of the trip was that I should see a specialist about something minor and as such, I had a referral from the doctor to the specialist.

Now, my life so far has been spent in a number of places and under a number of different health systems. As a child I lived in the western suburbs of Sydney, when the pound was still the currency king in Australia and where doctors would offer payment terms to their patients for large ticket items. This predates Medicare and Medibank by a goodly number of years. It was during this period that my eyes were operated on by Dr Tim Roland.

I then spent the later part of my childhood on the north shore of Sydney, again, with a different set of doctors and ailments, some as the result of sport and the rest from modern man’s evolution to require less of his internal organs.

Marriage followed and a number of house moves, stressful jobs and poor diet and yet another series of doctors, this time with the fledgling Medibank and Medicare in place. More surgical procedures as a result of lifestyle and diet were undertaken.

I moved overseas and bummed around quite a few countries then returned to Australia for a period of time.

Where is all this leading, I hear you ask? Well, I looked at the referral letter and except for the small surgical procedure I had performed on me in England, there at the bottom was my surgical and medical history summarised from 1960 onwards – and it was correct!

The only things missing from the Australian end were the years that I had the Appendectomy and Tonsillectomy – the operations were however listed. Everything else was there. I now even know the name of the procedures performed on my eyes by Dr Roland when I was so young – Bilateral Strabismus repair. I never knew that, just what the operation was designed to correct, what happened during the operation and the effect of the operation.

So, I am pleased to see that the main part of my medical history is now available to any doctor I see in Australia.

Well done Jeffro as I know this is the stuff you’re working on.

One thought on “Australian Medical Records

  1. Jeffro 30 November 1999 / 8:00 am

    We have a really strong interest in EMRs and the company has a few systems that use/implement them but I'm not working on it directly.

    Everything's still quite disconnected here in Australia, but it's at least connected and centralised somewhat through the billing system (Medicare). But we're nowhere near the level of the US, the NHS or Brazil (who are trailblazing in this area).


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