The Armies – II/40 Numidian

P1000973I spent some time this weekend doing two things for the Singapore Wargames Project. The first was starting on the game board and the terrain. The second was sorting the figures and the bases out. I was expecting that I would have some errors in purchasing and I did. I had a few too many figures left over from a couple of the packs I purchased – like why did I buy Tarentine cavalry? I also ended up discovering that I had miscalculated the number of bases I needed in the 40x20mm size. I know why that happened. As I sorted the figures out I found that I could pretty much do all the variations so I started to plan that way. This left me short some bases. Oh well, a quick order off to East Riding Miniatures tonight will see that corrected.

I decided to start with the Numidians as I am guessing they will be the easiest of the seven armies to paint. Looking through the list, I need to allow for the following troops to meet all the requirements.

Number Type Comments
1 3Cv This is the general and can have Gallic or Spanish bodyguards
1 2LH An alternate general to the one mentioned above
5 2LH The famous Numidian Light Cavalry
6 2Ps Numidian Light Troops – Psiloi. There is some discussion about whether these were, in fact Psiloi or more closely grouped troops such as the next type
5 3Ax Numidian foot troops – classed as Auxilia in the rules. These are good broken terrain troops but a little fragile in the open when faced by cavalry or close order infantry
1 El An elephant base. Elephants were used in the armies of Jugurtha and Juba
1 4Bd These are imitation legionaries or Roman deserters – these are from the later period, after the Punic Wars when Rome and Numidia fought.
1 3/4Ax These are either Spanish Scutarii, Gaetuli, or Ligurian deserters – trained by the Romans but fighting for the Numidians

These then are all the elements that I need to make to cover all options of the Numidian Army. For figures per base, a little experimenting and I worked out the following ratios:

Infantry – use four 6mm figures for each 15mm figure recommended in the rules. In this case, a 3Ax base of 6mm figures will contain 12 figures (the 15mm equivalent is 3 figures).

Cavalry – to give a little more space, I decided to use three 6mm figures for each 15mm figure recommended. A 2LH base in 6mm will therefore contain 6 figures (the 15mm equivalent is 2 figures).

Elephants, Artillery and Chariots – I decided that two 6mm models per base would work best. The 15mm equivalent is one model.

For references on the Numidians, perhaps the best starting places are:

The terrain requirements for this army are listed as Hilly. This means that as I make the terrain I will need to make sure I have the following for this army:

  • Steep Hills – two are needed
  • River – one needed – it should cross the entire board
  • Woods – two are needed
  • Built Up Area (BUA) – one is needed
  • Roads – two are needed – again, they should be long enough to cross from one side of the table to the other

OK, that is the organisation of the figures for the Numidians. The picture at the top of this is the figures and bases sorted and organised for the eventual painting.

I will update the next six armies over the next week or so as well as progress of the game board.

2 thoughts on “The Armies – II/40 Numidian

  1. Doug 30 November 1999 / 8:00 am

    The bases for the cavalry general & cavalry look to be 40 x 40 ? Is this intended, they should be on 40 x 30 – or is it the camera angle?


    • thomo the lost 30 November 1999 / 8:00 am

      Camera angle – I looked twice at the photos when I downloaded them too!


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