Korean Soldiers in WW2 German Army–Part 2

The most commented post here in Thomo’s Hole is Korean Soldiers in WW2 German Army. The comments have ranged from polite to vitriolic. The post concerned a photograph of a Korean soldier in Wehrmacht Uniform from the Second World War. It seems that this story has caught on and the movie makers are currently making a movie about this. The movies is currently titled “My Way”

Director Kang JeKyu has been working on this movies since 2010 and it is due for release late 2011. The movie has a budget of nearly US$28 million – the biggest budget for a Korean movie ever. The stars are Korean, Japanese and Chinese stars – Jang DongKun, Joe Odagiri and Fan Bingbing.

The story appears to have been based on the guy mentioned in the original post here but as it is a movie, it appears as though the story has been varied a lot to bring in the love interest and perhaps make some philosophical or moral comment.

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