Door Lock Codes

For the last four months I have been trying to have the automatic door to my condominium repaired. The theory was that you tap a few digits into a keypad next to the door and with a quiet reassuring shhhhh sound, the door opens, closing again automatically after 5 seconds.

It never worked.

After several attempts it was finally repaired this week, a new motor was installed, the controller, PCB, power supply and coding were all checked and voila, tap, tap, tap, tap, shhhhh, door open! The only thing missing was the quiet reassuring voice thanking me for using Sirius Cybernetics as I walked in.

The guys from the builders then said “you’d better change the code now as we all know this one”.

“OK” says I, “how do I do that”.

“Simple” says the builders, “press the hash key, key in 101055 ((not the real code I hasten to add)), star, then 3, then the new four digit code followed by hash, star.”

“Right” says I, “let’s do it”.

We did it and the code was changed. The builders moved away a respectful distance whilst I tapped in the new code so that they did not know what it was.

It then occurred to me – the problem with these locks is that as a security thing, they are a failure. After all, the builders know exactly what codes to use to change the door code and get access. So will all my neighbours with the same locks on their doors.

The only positive is that if I come home and find I have been robbed after I can’t get in the door because the code is wrong, I’ll know it was the builders who did it … or anyone of my neighbours with the same lock on the door, or any of the guys in the factory in China making the locks, or anyone who lived there before …. sigh, back to the manual key and some security I think!

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