Singapore Wargames Project–Test Army–Numidia


Over the weekend I finished the first six elements of the test Army. I mentioned in an earlier post that I was building a six army campaign set. To that set I added a Numidian force, as much to test out things as anything else. Of course, they will also provide a contemporary opponent for most of the armies in the campaign set as well.

I finished six elements of Light Horse over the weekend. I finally decided to use four figures per base for the Light Horse, these looking in sufficiently open order to pass as Light Horse.

Apart from working out how the figures would work in 6mm scale for DBA along with the number of figures per base to use, I was also trying a number of new things and techniques with this army.  I had been talking to some friends who had a different method of painting to me which included both basing the figures before painting and undercoating in black followed by a wet dry brush of white, then normal painting and washing after that. The new things I was trying were:

  1. That new method of painting
  2. Reeves Poster paints when used with Citadel Acrylics
  3. A new varnish (Krylon)
  4. Finishing things in the Singapore environment

The picture above shows the final result with a ruler placed for scale. Note that if you magnify the photo to 1:1 scale (that is, the scale the camera sees) you can see a whole lot of bad in the painting. Looked a 1:1 life scale – that is, where 1cm in the photo measures 1 cm in life – and the figures look quite neat.

Lessons learned from this process however were:

  1. Reeves Poster Paints, whilst heavy in pigment, seem to take a long time to try enough to use a Citadel wash over the top of. The Devlan Mud wash was washing the poster paint away. Fortunately, not too much of it washed off and it, by accident, provided a third layer of colour to the horses in particular.
  2. I varnished the figures with Krylon Spray varnish. I took the figures to the balcony and sprayed in the morning on a sunny day when the humidity was a bit lower than normal here and the temperature a little lower. When I bought the figures back into the apartment and the air-conditioning the varnish appeared to cloud up over the figures. The black hair appeared grey for example.
  3. I need to try some test varnishing on Reeves black as well as citadel black to see whether it is the atmosphere or the the paint causing the clouding.

All in all, however, I am quite satisfied with the first six elements. I have an element of elephants, one of Cavalry and all the infantry to paint next. Wednesday night will be the next painting session. I’ll also get around to writing up the making of the playing surface you can see below the figures.

The wargame at Anthony’s over the weekend has also motivated me to start working on the terrain for the DBA project.

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