Numidians are Finished

P1010112I finished the 6mm Numidian DBA army this weekend – part of my Singapore project. I painted all options for this force and they can all be seen in the picture. This will enable me to pad out some of the Punic Wars collection as well as well as provide an army to play some battles of the Jugurthine War.

The next army to be painted will be the Polybian Romans – a good opponent for the Numidians for the Jugurthine War. The Jugurthine War takes its name from the Berber king Jugurtha, nephew and later adopted son of Micipsa, King of Numidia.

To provide for the full list for DBA, I painted 21 elements (a DBA army normally consists of 12 elements). This lets me adopt most of the interpretations, in wargaming terms, of how the  Numidians arrayed for battle. The most significant difference is in the infantry where the Numidians can be represented as a pure skirmishing force or a force with then ability to stand against some opponents and to excel in rough terrain. The elements produced were:

  • 1 x Light Horse Commander in Chief (and his alternative, a Cavalry C-in-C)
  • 5 x Light Horse – the famous Numidian Cavalry
  • 6 x Psiloi – Numidian light foot – this is one interpretation of Numidian foot
  • 6 x Auxilia – these can be swapped for any of the Psiloi above to provide the other main interpretation of Numidian foot
  • 1 x Blades – these are like legionaries and represent Roman deserters during the Jugurthine Wars
  • 1 x Elephants – there is some evidence to suggest that Numidians may have used a few elephants at various times.

I am looking forward to getting the Romans painted, and some terrain made, so that I can get down to some games.

3 thoughts on “Numidians are Finished

  1. Doug Melville 30 November 1999 / 8:00 am

    They look fantastic mate.. I have the figures for Mithridatics, Romans (Imperial and Late Roman) and Sasanian.. might have to do the Mithridatics up. (shouldn't take more than a couple of days..)


    • thomo the lost 30 November 1999 / 8:00 am

      I'm using the standard 15mm DBA bases with a mix of 2, 3 or 4 6mm figures per 15mm figure – works well and looks like a proper job (must thank Arnstein one day for championing 6mm on larger scale bases).


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