Rugby World Cup 2011

I don’t often comment on sport but sometimes you just have to.

I enjoyed the Rugby games over the weekend, admired the plucky efforts of Italy to be 6-6 with the Wallabies at half time then breathed a sigh of relief as the Wallabies climbed back on top in the second half. I thoroughly enjoyed the USA v Ireland game and feel that if the USA could manage to play some more meaningful internationals each year they will become a force in world rugby, especially as the US have two Olympic Gold Medals for Rugby ((France won the first and Australasia (Austrlaia and New Zealand) won the second)).

Japan, always entertaining, the island teams – Fiji, Tonga and Samoa – exciting to watch as always. I am curious to see the efforts of Russia, Georgia and Namibia.

It is the All Blacks though that I am interested in at the moment. They won the very first Rugby World Cup and, well, that’s it. They’ve almost won the Webb Ellis trophy a couple of other times but heroically have managed to fail. The following sums it up:

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