Last Man Standing – an almost successful bank sting

I wrote this some time ago, and held it as a draft whilst I checked some information (no, not the location of the lap-dancing club) and had not got around to posting it – it has been sitting in my drafts folder for a while. I thought I should put it out now anyway as it is a bizarre story

FROM their headquarters at ”Teflon” Tony Vincent’s lap-dancing parlour in Market Street, members of some of the country’s most notorious crime families planned one of the most audacious bank heists.

Read more: Guilty: last man standing in $150m sting from the Sydney Morning Herald.

The first thing I should note is that I never realised that I had a lap-dancing club as a neighbour – in fact, even now, I cannot think of where it might be. Market Street tends to contain shops, office buildings, the State theatre (can’t recall any lap-dancing there at the James Blunt concert recently) and the Shelbourne Hotel. No clubs that I know of.

Still, the story itself is fascinating. Crime syndicate sets up a sting operation in conjunction with a Telstra technician to steal $150 million from JP Morgan Chase Bank by wire transfer to accounts in Greece, Switzerland and Hong Kong and is only caught out when a bank in Greece queries a $71 million transfer because “Ltd” is added to a personal account.

Now I know I need to search and read more about this – I am sure there is a screenplay in there somewhere. One of the characters in the real story is a “Mr Pink”. Interestingly, Mr Pink is also a criminal in the Quentin Tarantino film Reservoir Dogs. Our Mr Pink is not related to Quentin’s Mr Pink.

As I uncover more, I will most certainly write it up here.

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