On the Painting Table

I started to paint the Romans for my DBA project here the other day then stopped. Doug noted in his blog, A Lead Odyssey when looking at his late war Germans for Blitzkrieg Commander II that if he built 4000 points worth of Germans, it wasn’t many troops but would work well on the table space we had available to play on.

I thought, I should start organising my Russians then, especially as I knew I had too many of them and as Doug had suggested swapping our surplus stock. I decided that the easiest way was to base the forces ready for play and organise as I went along. I can worry about painting them later.

Good idea. I started the other night then, using Flames of War small bases for both infantry and vehicles. They work well and I don’t really like the 40mm x 20mm base for the infantry that he is using – the troops look too spread that way.

Last night I had clicked over 4000 points worth of early war Russians – but that was without any air support, light tanks, artillery or anti-tank guns. It only included 3 x KV-1 Heavy tanks and 9 T34/76 tanks (10 if you count the command base). And that was with only one company of infantry.

4000 points? Hmm, I think I will go to 6000 points as that way I can manage a full battalion of infantry plus a light and a medium tank battalion along with a platoon of heavy tanks for support. That works.

Now I just have to work out how to fit the 24 cavalry figures into the army.

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