Blogs – a Connection to the Past

I never really looked on my blog as a view into my past until tonight when I noticed that the archives went back to 2004 – 7 years. Actually, nearly exactly 7 years really as the first post was on 23 December 2004 and was when I first started playing with a Microsoft product which I have forgotten the name of but which became Live Spaces. The post said nothing, other that it was the festive season.

Interestingly, the second post in January 2005 turned out to be predictive in opposite ways as 2005 was a period of personal turmoil and pain all of which has left me in a far better place these days.

Around April 2005 I went to Mongolia so the blog followed my time on the steppe and in the Gobi. Late 2006 through 2008 was a lot of tales from Saudi Arabia and sprinkled throughout was some wargaming and some historical pieces.

Lately it has been a mix but mostly wargame related as I concentrate my downtime on my hobby. Have a look back through the archives, there are some interesting posts back there – some still generate a lot of comments (in particular Korean Soldiers in WW2 German Army which certainly has the most vitriolic as well as some of then most thoughtful comments – see also Korean Soldiers in German Army Part 2 for details of the movie made by Koreans about this story). Others are just general nonsense I’ve noticed.

One thing disturbs me a little though – in this digital age I find I am reading less. This kind of worrying but to compensate, I am trying to write more, they are related skills after all. I have a few days relaxing coming up so I will try and catch up on some blog posts – finish the Cancon DBMM 2011 reports (yes Douglas, well, maybe Douglas), post some information about the Sri Lankan painting service I am using and the process I went through there, and an update the status of the lead pile.

In the meantime, have a wander around Thomo’s Hole, feel free to comment (I generally don’t censor comments) but mostly enjoy snippets from the last 7 years of my life. After all, living vicariously is still living. 😆

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