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I had the annual bonus money to spend this weekend. It’s actually a cost reimbursement where we are able to spend money on some technology, travel, medical and such and then claim back against company expenses.

I chose technology. After putting on 100,000 frequent flyer miles in six months this year, travel was not really an option. I was thinking about getting a new camera as my old digital SLR died about a year ago. I settled on an iPad2 as I was used to my eBook reader and this seemed like the next natural progression. What I do like is that for short periods of writing, such as for a blog entry, it is a useful tool. Reading on it is neat too.

Hmm, any more bonuses this year? I still need a new camera 😆

One thought on “Technology Technology

  1. Doug 30 November 1999 / 8:00 am

    bah.. follow the herd.. eepc + canon eos .. way to go.. and the Nokia N9 is a kick-arse phone, way better than the iphone


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