Wargaming 2012

It’s still January and I was thinking about what I wanted to achieve in 2012 from a wargaming point of view (I know what I want from a professional and personal point of view so wargaming was the last one left to think about). I will admit that this was partly brought on by posts of some of those I read regularly setting out their plans for 2012.

So, what is plan A?

15mm ACW – Union These are being painted and I am waiting for them them to come back from the painters. I then will have a large basing job on my hands.

I need to get some additional figures for this army, namely, troops loading and other marker types. Some Internet time coming up tomorrow I think

6mm Ancients – Part 1 I still have my 6mm DBA project underway. At the moment, one army is painted, one is half painted and5 more are part of the lead pile population. I also have a butt-load of terrain to make for this. One thing I will be doing is to try and make sure the terrain is compatible wit the expected DBA 3 terrain.
6mm Ancients – Part 2 I purchased a copy of Baccus 6mm Ltd’s SPQR Ancient Rules. I have three armies for this in the lead pile – namely Roman, Pontic and Numidian. I want to get these completed this year as well.
Aerial – Part 1 Some air-warfare stuff, partly brought on by reading Biggles and partly from reading the Winter War. I have some aircraft coming from Raiden Miniatures – Set 2 – Russo-Finnish War 1940. This set contains 6 x Tupolev SB-2, 6 x I-16, 4 x Buffalo, 4 x Fokker D.XXI, 4 x Fiat G.50 along with Bases, Dice and Riaden’s our Fast Play Rules & Scenario Sheet. 24 aircraft can’t take that long to paint.
Aerial – Part 1 After Biggles, I am also thinking of something World War 1-ish – either Wings of War or perhaps some Riveresco or Skytrex aircraft and a hunt for some appropriate rules.
Naval I ordered some Houston’s ships, which are nominally, I guess, 1/1200th scale. I also ordered a set of rules. These are to allow me to do the Australians Austrians and the Italians present at the Battle of Lissa. I’m looking forward to doing these.
BKC-II My Early, Middle and Late World War 2 Russians are begging for paint. Most of them are based ready to commence the painting process. I have a few infantry left that I need to base and these these will be ready for paint. Models are GHQ and CinC.
BKC-II To oppose the Russians, initially I picked up some World War 2 Hungarians – so a capable opponent in both Early and Late war varieties. Both the Russians and the Hungarians are for use with Blitzkrieg Commander II.
FWC I have a 6mm ground force for ONESS to paint as enemies for the PacFed. This is for the Future War Commander rules
Starmada Two space fleets are here for painting as well – one PacFed and one ONESS fleet. These are for using with Starmada.
Nappies Here in Singapore I have a 6mm Adler Confederation of the Rhine force as well as a Baccus Polish force to paint. These are organised for Polemos Napoleonic. Back in Sydney is a Prussian force for the same rule-set – with e few elements painted. These were from Ros and Heroics.
Nappies Other I want to start looking at 15mm (18mm) Napoleonics this year as well – some rules research and then figure searches coming up.
Other Lead Here I also have a DBMM Later Crusader Army – I was thinking of painting and using that at this year’s Cancon however the timing of business trips doidn’t work out well enough so it is in the lead pile. Also here are a couple of DBA Armies. Then back in Sydney there are several DBMM armies waiting paint along with 15 or so DBA armies. Then there are the Aeronefs, Land Ironclads and a ton of 1/3000th scale ships also in the lead pile.

I guess there is enough there to keep me busy for a few months this year Confused smile

7 thoughts on “Wargaming 2012

  1. Doug Melville 15 January 2012 / 6:13 pm

    Pah.. such a small range.. so here's mine..
    6mm Ancients – more than I can poke a stick at
    6mm Nappies – more than I can poke a stick at
    6mm FPW – more than I can poke a stick at
    6mm WSS – more than I can poke a stick at
    6mm ECW – more than I can poke a stick at
    6mm FWC – more than I can poke a stick at
    6mm BKCII – more than I can poke a stick at
    6mm CWC – more than I can poke a stick at
    15mm DBMM – more than I can poke a stick at
    15mm DBR – more than I can poke a stick at
    15mm DBA – more than I can poke a stick at
    15mm Moderns – more than I can poke a stick at
    15mm sci-Fi – more than I can poke a stick at
    15mm HitT – more than I can poke a stick at
    1/3000 pre dread – not so many
    1/1000 pre dread – not so many
    28mm Saga – not so many
    28mm Meso-American – a few armies
    28mm Sasanians – lots of them


    • thomothelost 15 January 2012 / 10:22 pm

      With so much pointing of sticks, just make sure the end of them has bristles on it 😆


      • Doug Melville 16 January 2012 / 10:57 am

        Bristles and some painting being done today.. flesh on the Ayyubids, decks on the Pre-Dreadnoughts


  2. Brown 16 January 2012 / 4:26 am

    15mm Nap French to finish (95% done)
    15mm Sea-persons and Achaeans to finish (85% done)
    15mm Viking / Norse fantasy (70% done)
    15mm Ice men
    Rules (Fantasy) + Lists
    some sculpting

    Anything else would be dreaming.


    • thomothelost 18 January 2012 / 5:30 pm

      Oh yeah – the RVN and the RNSWN both sent vessels 😆

      My bad – of course it was the Austrians.


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