A Sign of Modern Times

No man is an island,
Entire of itself.
Each is a piece of the continent,
A part of the main.
If a clod be washed away by the sea,
Europe is the less.
As well as if a promontory were.
As well as if a manor of thine own
Or of thine friend’s were.
Each man’s death diminishes me,
For I am involved in mankind.
Therefore, send not to know
For whom the bell tolls,
It tolls for thee.

So, I had cause to search the term “for whom the bell tolls” today – I wanted a snappy quote for a presentation I was doing and I remembered that in that John Donne poem with those words was something I could use.

I googled “for whom the bell tolls”.

John Donne’s poem was the eighth item to be displayed on the search result. Two wikipedia entries headed the list – one about the Ernest Hemingway novel and the other about the Metallica song. Then some Internet Movie Database Entries and Amazon book links. All this before getting to the first entry about the poem that actually first wrote that expression.

Sigh, the times have changed when Metallica comes in ahead of John Donne!

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