Japanese Fart Scrolls

image Yes, dear reader, it is difficult for me to describe these any other way. Had they not been so ribald, perhaps I could have found gentler words … but they are not. Waseda University in Japan has a wonderful collection of these. So, in the tradition of the Bayeux Tapestry, I bring you the full set of screens.

The full archive of the Fart Scrolls can be seen here at the Waseda University website, although be warned, some of the images are, as you can imagine, quite ribald and a little explicit.

These scrolls do, apparently, have some value. On 8 October 1992 Christies in London sold

a collection of twelve small Japanese prints depicting ‘He-gassen’ (The Fart Battle) with officials in combat in interiors, possibly by Kyosai — each 4in.x 5¼in., paper wrapper; a double sided album containing twenty-four prints by Watanabe Seitei (Shotei) and other artists variously depicting figures at leisure, birds, animals and flowers; another double sided album by Ikkei with thirty-six prints of scenes around Edo; three further albums; and a large print divided into three sections with a procession of figures travelling through a river landscape

for £935 when they were expecting a figure of £200 – £300 to be realised.

This adds a whole new dimension to wargaming Samurai battles. 😆

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