A Wargamer’s Indecision

DSC00378A Wargamer’s Indecision Dilemma.

I have a bunch of 6mm figures painted and ready for basing. That’s them on the left there with the bases I was going to use. They look neat laid out ready for basing. I was intending to base them on 60x30mm bases for Polemos. On the left would be a Numidian army and on the right, an Imperial Roman army. There are enough figures for the standard 20 bases per side Polemos army. 7 bases of legionaries, 5 of auxiliaries, 2 of auxiliary archers, 1 of artillery and 5 of cavalry. The Numidians are 10 of Light Horse and 10 of Light Infantry.

The indecision dilemma?

Once I glue them to the base and scenic it, I will be disinclined to un-base them and rebase them for a different set of rules. Once I base these for Polemos, I will have to use them for Polemos. I could probably use them for DBA as well, using the 25mm ground scale (they will be on a 60mm frontage after all) but that’s about it.

Next option?

Base them for Warmaster. Use the standard Warmaster 40x20mm bases. That would change the mix to 14 elements of legionaries which would equate to 4 units (each Warmaster unit is three bases after all. Third option is base them for DBA – base them on 15mm scale bases and use four 6mm figures for each 15mm figure. That has the benefit of fitting with the other 6mm ancients I have and would allow me to have two Imperial Roman DBA Armies.

Basing them as DBA elements – I can use them for Polemos anyway as Polemos uses a Base Width x Base Depth measurement method and so I can assume that all bases are 20mm deep for that.

My next issue then is the Numidians. I already have a (very nice) 6mm Numidian DBA army. Should I just expand that by making another? On my 4:1 scaling that would give me 20 elements of Psiloi and 10 elements of Light Horse.

But then again – they will just look so neat as Polemos bases. I think I’ll base some 15mm ACW figures instead – I know what I am doing with them.

Sigh, and as there are three options, I guess it is not a dilemma either.

One thought on “A Wargamer’s Indecision

  1. Mark 7 April 2012 / 5:03 pm

    Hi Ian,

    I know exactly what you mean. I have large 6mm WW1 armies for Russia, Britain and Germany. all are Irregular Miniatures figures. I finally found a good set of rules to use them with – a WW1 Blitzkrieg commander variant.

    I thought I havre painted figures, rules, all that remains is to base them – then the problems started

    Do i base them in straight lines so they look correct in trenches, or do I base them spread out over a base as if crossing a field/no mans land, in which case they will look wrong in the trenches. This will also mean clipping most of them into single figures before sticking them on. 😕

    Consequently they are still sat in the box, while I paint more armies to game with.

    Suggestions welcome.




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