My Loot from Salute 2012

DSC01405I enjoyed Salute 2012 and if I had an unlimited budget, I would have spent a small fortune happily. I resisted spending a small fortune on Aeronefs and Land Ironclads at the Brigade Models stand, resisted the ships at Tumbling Dice UK, the 1/300th figures at Heroics & Ros, the 10mm at Magister Militum oh I could go on. I thought, however, the sensible thing this trip was to purchase stuff that is difficult to get sent mail order, either because of fragility or weight. That really meant that I was looking at scenic items and books. That’s what I did then.

With the scenic items, I have been slowly building Soviet forces for World War 2 as well as an Hungarian force as opposition. I need buildings for the battlefields so paid a visit to Timecast who make some fine resin buildings. I ended up getting:

  • wooden cottage and barn
  • Stalingrad factory set
  • Lvov town house
  • Kharkov town house and shop
  • Rostov town house
  • Romanian church c. 1772
  • Thatched Crimea buildings

These will go with the other buildings I’ve collected for the Eastern Front battles to come.


The other items I grabbed whilst there were printed materials – books and rules principally. I picked up:

  • First three issues of the Medieval Warfare magazine
  • a number of publications of the Pike and Shot society
  • re-joined the Pike and Shot Society after a number of years non membership
  • picked up some ancient publications from the Society of Ancients stand grabbed the CDs covering the Order of Battle of the Roman Empire for the Civil Wars 68-70 AD as well as the Ancient Strategists CD (Vegetius and Sun Tzu)
  • A copy of the Hammerin’ Iron and AK47 rules from Peter Pig

So, no figures, no time spent on the bring and buy (although I was there late in the day so maybe there was nothing there) and no huge expenditures but hey, it was a great day. There was so much inspirational stuff there in the demonstration and participation games. More on that in a later post.

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