Top Ten Posts in Thomo’s Hole

Well, top eleven really. I was trawling through the site statistics here at the Hole this morning after spending some time looking a different technical things about the software I’m using. The Hole is getting slower (as indeed is Thomo) so I am thinking of trying a new theme and cutting back on some of the widgets here to speed up the loading of the pages from the Hole.

I was also looking at the which posts here had received the most visitors. Some I had guessed would be popular (like the Korean Soldiers in the WW2 German Army) and others were unexpected (Cancon 2009 for example).

I present the list here:

Article Number of hits Comment
Korean Soldiers in WW2 German Army 21,159 As expected
Cancon 2009 11,825 Now this was a surprise
Fire and Fury: Idiots Guide to Painting American Civil War Figures 5,790 This is one of the oldest posts – it came from earlier phpNuke versions of Thomo’s Hole.
Colour Schemes of WW1 Warships 4,447
Sausages in Tomato Sauce 4,115 Everyone likes a simple recipe
the Lebanon – Impressions from an Aussie 2,767
Blitzkrieg Commander – Wargame Rules for WWII 2,640
Battle Of Lemnos – Naval Battle 1913 2,562 An interesting little sea battle before World War One
Apia, Samoa, March 1889 – The US and Germany Square Up To Each Other In The Pacific 2,486 Involving one of my favourite ships, HMS Calliope
WWI Merchant Navy Camouflage Patterns 2,431
Marie Callas – Clairvoyant and …. ? 2,428 I thought this would have appeared higher up the table as it is one of the most commented posts here.

So, an interesting mix of history, wargames, social conscience and cooking.

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