‘Worlds’ Wargames Championships and Cancon 2013

January 2013 sees the ‘Worlds’ Wargames Championships being in Canberra, Australia. A range of competitions are scheduled, and if you or any wargaming buddies have any travelling plans at this time, please let them know their participation would be warmly welcomed.

At this stage, I believe at a minimum, the competitions on offer will be DBA2.2, DBM3.2, DBMM2, DBR, FoG-R, FoG-A, FoW and others.  The followinghas been posted and feel free to pass it on to anyone else.

”For those who weren’t aware, Cancon; the largest wargames competition/convention in Australia (probably the Southern Hemisphere?) has been confirmed as the ‘Worlds’ event for 2013.

Cancon is traditionally held every year at the end of January over 3 days in Australia’s Capital, Canberra, and attracts huge numbers of gamers in many different competitions, display and participation games. It is also strongly attended by traders such as Eureka, Essex Australia, and many others.

The DBMM event is currently being organised (likely to be offered in 15mm only) in conjunction with some of the local players from the Canberra Games Society, and I am strongly encouraging those of you who can travel, to consider making a holiday out of the experience and enjoy Australia.  The large contingent of British, South African and other gamers who made it to Melbourne for the 2005 IWF DBM competition can confirm that it is a lot of fun, (and apparently Aussies make real easybeats (great band though). Perhaps we are a bit too much like our one-day cricket team really. 😆

By a happy coincidence, 2013 is also the centenary of Canberra’s founding as the capital of the Commonwealth of Australia, and there will be a lot of events going on, in and around the city at that time, with something for everyone. See http://www.canberra100.com.au/ for some details.

Canberra also houses a truly world class military museum in the Australian War Memorial, and any historical gamer should find something there to appeal, whether it is the Japanese Mini-Sub trapped in Sydney Harbour, Lancaster G for George or the WW1 Aircraft.


Canberra is located a short motorway drive from Sydney, about three hours – I do it once a month on average and would recommend a coffee stop at Goulburn at the big Merino which will enable visitors to have some good teasing material for the championships. By any standards it is a beautiful city, easy to get around and a great base whether you want to visit wineries, the sea or the Snowy Mountains (although snow in January is a rarity in Australia). Late January is essentially just a little past halfway into the Australian summer, so a really great chance to warm up from the Northern Hemisphere winter – just be sure to pack your sunscreen (50+ is recommended for the Aussie sun)!  Canberra also has a thriving and extremely varied restaurant and dining scene, excellent arts facilities, national museums, galleries and so on, so there is plenty to do for partners and kids.


Canberra Games Society will be the hosts, and we will do our best to look after visitors and make sure you all feel welcome. So if you ever wondered how much a Koala could bear, or wanted to snorkel the Great Barrier Reef, why not do it to coincide with Cancon 2013 and take 3 days to have some fun games and possibly win a World’s Title!



Setup Friday 25th January 2013

Day One: Saturday 26th January

Day Two: Sunday 27th January

Day Three: Monday (Public Holiday) 28th January

One thought on “‘Worlds’ Wargames Championships and Cancon 2013

  1. Greg kelleher 13 July 2012 / 11:06 am

    Hi Thomo,

    Once again I’ll be running DBA at CANCON in 2013. As you point out the Worlds will be running then. To attract overseas players DBA will be run over 2 days (27/1 and 28/1): On the first day armies from Books 1 and 2 will be used and the second day armies from Books 3 and 4. There will be a champion for each day and an overall champion. So can you let your fellow Singaporian wargamers know about the DBA comp and that they would be most welcome. Once the details of the DBA comp are posted on the CANCON site I’ll let you know.




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