WIP – 15mm American Civil War – Union

DSC01450Most of the 15mm ACW figures are painted and just waiting basing. I had originally started basing on 30mm frontage bases when we decided that we would follow Fire and Fury basing – that is, a 1-inch wide base as the standard. This resulted in my “unbasing” some figures and rebasing on the 1-inch size.

When using a 30mm square base, I was basing 4 infantry figures per base. However, as we are changing to the 1-inch base, I will only be sticking three figures to the infantry bases. This will also give about a 25% increase in the number of bases available.

The photo to the left is a view of the basing material and the first batch of cavalry being based. I got my bases from Litko Game Accessories. LItko offers a plywood base as well as adhesive magnetic tape pre-cut to the base size. Mind you, it does take a while to stick the magnetic material to the bottom of the base, but the fit between the wooden base and the magnetic material is great.

The figures shown above were unbased to start with. I also had some 15mm cavalry already based which I needed to unbase and rebase. The picture below shows the figures based so far.


2 thoughts on “WIP – 15mm American Civil War – Union

  1. Doug 6 July 2012 / 10:15 am

    Dean at Olympian games now supplies formica + magnet bases in any size you like. He cuts them himself and while the first batch weren’t too good, the later ones are much better.


    • thomo the lost 6 July 2012 / 12:01 pm

      The Litko bases are neat and the magnets and bases mostly fit fairly well. Litko is a tounch expensive though. Having said that, the base plus magnet is about 2-2.5mm thick in total which is quite nice.


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