It’s in the post

I received a nice little note in the email today:

Dear Thompson Ian,

Brigade Models Limited sent your package using Royal Mail.

Postage details

Royal Mail

Service type:
RM Airmail (Small Packets) (3-5 working days)

Postal status

Tomorrow I am off on a business trip to Jakarta until the end of the week. That means I will have next weekend to paint and base the 83kg pile of metal I have here to ensure that come next Monday when I get to the office and collect the nice new toys, I will have an empty painting queue and thus be able to paint these little beauties straight off!

Right! Like that’s going to happen!

Anyway, new toys on the way (I so love those little parcels from the UK). What’s coming? Some Victorian Science Fiction from Brigade Models in the form of Aeronefs – particularly:

Japanese Carrier Pack
Japanese Fleet Pack #1


US Fleet Pack #1
US Fleet Pack #2

Item numbers are VANFP-602, VANFP-601, VANFP-201 and VANFP-202 for the curious. That gives me a particularly nice late 19th Century Pacific Air feel with a mix of vessels from carriers and battlewagons to patrol type ‘nefs. Pondering colours even as I type.

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