The Peruvian/Chilean Navy

DSC01469So, as I mentioned, the postman called today at the office ((actually, he called today at the condo as well – more steel paper from Magnetic Displays for my storage boxes)). I mentioned on July 23rd in the post the War of the Pacific 1879 to 1883 Naval Matters that I was ordering some 1/2400th scale vessels from Tumbling Dice UK. That was 10 days ago from London to Singapore. Damned good service from them.

I ordered the following vessels:

Code Description
ASV61 Hauscar & Independencia
ASV62 Aimirante Cochrane
ASV15 Corvette Screw
ASV11 Sloop Screw
ASV13 Gun Boat Screw
ASV51 USS Monitor
  Los Andes

The USS Monitor is to provide a couple of single turret monitors for the Peruvians and the Los Andes and Javery were just to see what’s in them.

I like the way these guys look. Even included on some of the models are ratlines. I am so looking forward to assembling and painting these little guys. My big worry is that I may end up shelving my 1/1000th (ish) scale vessels and replacing them with 1/2400th as well.

More on scale in the next post.

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